Fans designed to create air circulation in your facility and improved overall environment control. HVLS large blades move large volumes of air using large diameter fan blades moving at a slow rotational speed. HVLS fans are the ideal solution for any commercial, industrial, warehouse, and large open spaces.

  • Industrial quality / Heavy Duty construction
  • High Efficiency, Energy Saving
  • No strong winds but cool air draft or breeze (max 3.5 m/s)
  • High Air Volume (max 200,000 m3/hr) and Low Speed (max 50-75 rpm)
  • Cooling effect : surrounding temperature may be reduced by 2-4 degree Celsius
  • With Geared Motor or “built-in inverter ” or VFD, speed can be adjusted to as low as 10-20rpm based on usage, thus reducing power kW consumption
  • Anodised Aluminium Blades suitable for aggressive environment (Shipyards and sea are)
  • Patented built-in safety cables for all blades.
  • All units will be provided with C.E Certification (European Origin)
Place to install:

Malls, Exhibition Halls, Golf Clubs, Multipurpose Halls, Restaurant, Small & Big Workshops, Auto Service Centres, Indoor Stadium, Futsal Courts, Concourses, Warehouse, Manufacturing Centres, Fire Station, Open Air Building, Factory Buildings, Garages, School & Campus Halls, Facilities with large Open Space, Fitness Clubs, Food Courts, Bars, Lobby, Showroom, Farm & etc…