Y2 Series Electric Motor

This machine is upgrading product from y series. It’s novel in design, beautiful in appearance, as high as 123mm to adopt seat and cover which is aluminium alloy strength casting iron. The position of terminal box is divide into top seat and the side. This power range and installation size accord with IEC standard. Y2 series three-phase asynchronous motors

Frame no 63-355
Power 0.12-315kw
Voltage 380v
Frequency 50Hz
Protection grade IP54
Insulating grade F
Type B3/b5/b14/b35


Single-Phase Electric Motor (YL Series)

YL Two-Value Capacitor Induction Motor fully match the standard of International Electrican’s Committee (IEC), and have the international compatibility, widely used in most countries in the world. The series has high locked-rotor torque, Dependable circulation, Beautiful shape, Low lad noise, Long life Ideal for diving small machine tools. Medical instrument, Food processing apparatus and home appliances. Etc

Motor Frame IEC 71-100
Output (KW) 0.25kW~3kW
Type Two-Value Capacitor
Rated Voltage (V) The standard rated voltage of this series motors are220V, 110V/220V, 240V other voltage may be derived on request
Raged Speed (rpm) 1400r/min 4-pole. 2800r/min 2-pole.
Insulation Class CLASS B
Protection Class IP44, IP54 and IP55 is adopted for the motors protections of this series
Mounting Type Continuous working system (S1) is applied
Methods of Cooling IC0141


Y2 Series Motors (Y2-160M-11KW-4P)

Frame no 63-355
Power 0.12-315kw
Workset S one
Insulation class F
Applications General purpose including cutting machines, pumps, fans, conveyors, machines tools of farm duty and food process
Features High efficiency and energy saving, low noise and little vibration. The insulation class is F, the protective class is IP 54 or IP 55
Circumstance for use The altitude not exceeding one thousand miles above sea level. The ambient temperature subject to seasonal variation but not exceeding above forty degree centigrade and not less than below fifteen degree centigrade